System specs

This site is meant to be focused on my interest for my manga, anime, & vinyl collections. However, I’d be wasting an opportunity to have a spot to write up things going on in my life, changes, or things that interest me. So, today, I was finally able to figure out how to get console streaming done on my Linux desktop and it was honestly easier to do than I could have imagined. While it isn’t Windows easy, it was still far easier then I initially thought.

Quite honestly, this has been an amazingly enjoyable experience for me. I’m no super newb on Linux, but I’m by no means some grand master at the command or how things exactly work.

I achieved this feat utilizing hardware I already had on hand. I used an Elgato Cam Link 4k. I believe this process should also work with the Elgato HD60 S+ (note: pay attention, it has to be an HD60 S+ NOT HD60S!). In OBS, I added a Video capture source and captured my Cam Link 4k, then I went into settings, in the Audio tab, there are options for Mic/Auxiliary Audio, 2, 3, 4. For me, Mic/Auxilia 2 was set to ‘Disabled’. There I switched it to Cam Link 4K Analog Stereo. Click ‘OK’.

From there, go into the OBS Audio Mixer box and click the cog wheel for Mic/Aux 2. Select ‘Advanced Audio Properties’. We are focusing on Mic/Aux 2, under the area for ‘Audio Monitoring’ set it to “Monitor Only (mute output)”. If you have “Monitor Off”, it will not send through any audio and having “Monitor and Output” will create double audio and give an echo affect for the people watching your stream, but will sound normal to you! That’s it, click “Close”. I like to have the display screen popped out, so I can full screen the game without looking at all the OBS nonsense, your notification alerts (follows/subs/bits/etc) will still pop up on that screen, so make sure you position them correctly so they won’t be in your view in game!

Thats is that, I’ll be doing a video about it for my random channel I have, I’ll be sure to drop a link on here once I get around to doing that.

Cheers everyone! The more I use Linux as my daily driver, the more I fall in love with it. Try it out for yourselves!

Till next time!