Who am I and what is this site? Wonderful questions.

I’m a 35year old, full-time working, male living in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve been into anime, in general, off and on since the late 90s. My initial introduction was with Dragon Ball then most significantly with Dragon Ball Z. Some time in the early 2000’s, I was given a VHS of Birdy The Mighty and Ninja Scroll and ever since then, I was hooked.

Around my Junior year of high school, I stopped watching anime all together. I felt, at that time, it was a childish activity and majority/all of my friends at that time had other interests that I was getting into as well. It was until about 2012/2013 that my interest started to grow again. I had a lot to catch up on. My interest came back mostly due to my environment changing. The people I was hanging out with, were so open and accepting of whatever you would be interested in and attempted to learn about it.

This group of people, originally were deep into gaming. A friend had brought a Dragon Ball Z game over and we all got to talking about our favorite moments from the anime. Shortly after playing this game, we pulled up some YouTube and watched these clips. Generally, we just watched moments when Goku first went Super Saiyan, Gohan going Super Saiyan 2, or Goku going Super Saiyan 3. I mentioned I had all the Dragon Ball Z films on VHS still. Thus, we set up a night to binge through all the DBZ movies.

Somewhere around 2015, I got introduced to Black Lagoon and this is where things really took off for me. I fell in love with Black Lagoon and wanted to experience more of the world. The only way to do that was through manga. I ended up purchasing most the released volumes of Black Lagoon, but never ended up reading them. They just sat on the shelf, this was mostly due to my work life requiring nearly all of my time.

By the time 2017 had come around, I was getting far more free time on my hands. I began binging tons of anime, learning about different series to watch and getting a harsh reality that to further explore some of these shows, I’d need to read the mangas as I could be waiting forever for a follow up season.

2019 hit and I had all the volumes of Black Lagoon and some of Goblin Slayer. However, it wasn’t until I stumbled onto some random reddit post about the manga Sundome. Sundome single handedly began my obsession into manga. Sundome, even in 2019 was a hard find. The hunt, searching all over the place online and at stores for the volumes sparked something in me. In 2019, I probably had around 30 volumes of manga and as of now in 2021, I have currently 679 total volumes.

On March 5 2020, I uploaded my first ever YouTube video detailing the recent pick ups from a manga haul I had. Since then, I’ve been consistently uploading at least once a month on hauls I’ve gathered for the previous month. I have goals to branch out more, do more manga related things for my YouTube channel and venture it into other aspects of manga and anime.